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Best Travel Card for Student – ForexKharido

“While travelling abroad the most secure and convenient mode for students is prepaid travel card. Available in 21 currencies it is pin protected, easy to use, secure and reloadable. Multi currency travel cards from forexkharido costs students less than currency notes and travelers cheques. The card can be replaced if lost. No need to to carry multiple cards as one card has 21 currency wallets. 
While the student is abroad, parents can load his / her travel card without paying any fee. Many parents choose to reload card every month to take care of living expenses of the student. The parents don’t have to accumulate funds or borrow funds to remit money abroad as travel card from forexkharido can be reloaded as and when funds are available with parents / guardian. 
It’s a visa travel card which works with most merchant outlets across the world. The student has option to withdraw local currency from any visa ATM. 
Forexkharido provides international travel card to students without charging any extra fee. The card can even be personalised to have customer name embossed on it. Many universities even accept payment through travel card making it easier for students. 
Student can use travel card to make online payments as well. Travel safe and travel easy with forexkharido student travel cards!!”