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Towards University Fees, Cost of books and Study Materials etc.

  • Documentation required
  • Request letter from the student with self declaration incorporating the basic details such as name of the Foreign University, nature and duration of the course, estimate of expenses and other applicable details
  • FEMA declaration-cum-Form A2
  • Copies of Passport, Visa, Ticket and PAN Card
  • Quantum of exchange
  • USD 2,50,000 or amount shown in the estimate received from the University whichever is higher, per financial year

Remittance towards Examination Fees such as TOEFL and GRE

  • Documentation required
  • Request letter from the applicant along with demand notice showing the amount to be remitted.
  • FEMA declaration-cum-Form A2.
  • Quantum of Exchange
  • As evidenced from the demand notice received.

Remittance under Tie Up/ Arrangement with Foreign Universitie

  • Documentation required
  • Letter of request from remitter giving details of the remittance
  • FEMA declaration-cum-Form A2
  • Certificate from a Chartered Accountant Certifying the following:
  • The remittance being made is in accordance with the Franchise Agreement between the parties All applicable taxes are paid
  • Quantum of Exchange
  • As certified by the Chartered Accountant